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About Us
About Us: Tunis Seafood Wings and Subs

Welcome to Tunis Seafood Wings and Subs, your neighborhood seafood and chicken haven! Nestled at 4309 University Blvd S, Jacksonville, FL 32216, we take pride in being an integral part of our community for numerous years.

Our Commitment to Health and Flavor
At Tunis Seafood Wings and Subs, we're more than just a restaurant – we're a destination for delectable cuisine that's not only scrumptious but also beneficial for your well-being.

We've handpicked seafood options that are rich in DHA, a vital omega-3 nutrient known for its role in brain development and function. By incorporating these nutrient-packed options into our menu, we aim to promote healthier eating habits and reduce the risk of heart diseases, one delicious dish at a time.

But that's not all; we understand the universal love for chicken! Whether enjoyed as a delightful pairing with other dishes or as the ultimate beer companion, chicken has earned its place as a beloved comfort food. And at Tunis Seafood Wings, you're invited to indulge in an array of chicken wings, prepared in various mouthwatering flavors.

So, whether you're craving the nourishing goodness of seafood or the irresistible allure of chicken wings, you'll find it all here at Tunis Seafood Wings and Subs. Join us for a culinary journey that tantalizes your taste buds while prioritizing your health.

Visit us today, and let your taste buds savor the harmony of flavors we have to offer. We can't wait to serve you!